envision electric, inc Reviews

Here are some reviews for our WONDERFUL Customers. 

Matt is always kind and such an outstanding professional!!

Kudos and standing ovations from the Thompson family 

We could not be more happy with our new lights!!  What a difference it has made. 

Thank you for working us in sooner, Thank you for being flexible, on time and for making our living/dining area feel like a brand new/warm place to be.  

Thank yo

Chris & Sara

ChrisandSara Winslow — 5 starMatt and his team of electricians are amazing!! They are always on time, perfectly priced, and KNOW what they are doing not just with electricity, but choosing the placement of lights to make your home look modern and beautiful! We couldn't be happier! Thanks so much!! A++++!
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We are De-Lighted!!!

Hello! we just want you to know how happy we are with our new lighting, especially the new motion detecting light in our entry way downstairs.  I wish you could have heard Michael when he came home last night; he was so happy with it, and simply amazed at what a difference that light made! (almost like a kid)

Also, the guys who worked on the lights were super efficient, very professional and really great overall -- what a great crew!

Thanks for the great work we are De-lighted! (or would a better expression be En-lighted. 


Thanks to my awesome Bro in Law Matthew and his electrician skills, our kitchen is a decade closer to being modern!